A Few Facts for Those Considering Membership

Speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord




THE CENTURYMEN is an auditioned group of professional Christian musicians whose goal is to use the medium of music to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the United States and the world. At this point, employment or former employment by a Baptist church as Minister of Music is the basic criteria for membership. Also accepted are men who work full-time in key roles of the Southern Baptist music departments and Baptist colleges.


Please complete the Online Application Form in order to be scheduled for an audition.

After your application has been received, every attempt will be made to schedule an audition at a time convenient for you and as close as possible to your location. When possible, auditions are scheduled during regional and national leadership training events such as Baylor’s Alleluia Conference and the Baptist Church Music Conference. Auditions can also be scheduled regionally where active CenturyMen are located. The audition consists of sight-reading, tonal memory tests, a range test, singing Malotte’s The Lord’s Prayer and a selected solo of your choice. A pianist will be provided for the audition and singing from memory is encouraged. The audition is conducted by CENTURYMEN assigned to that task. No taped accompaniments will be allowed. The audition panel will be supportive and will work at helping you be at ease in the audition itself. The audition should take no more than 30 minutes. Occasionally a recall audition may be required. The audition panel formed for your audition makes a recommendation as to your acceptance. It is then sent to the Audition Chairman and Dr. Fuller. Final selection for membership is based upon space availability within sections, vocal quality, the ability to blend, and the results of the audition. The group is divided into TTTTBBBB sections, with higher and lower parts within each section. If accepted, you will be notified of the part assignment within the group.


  • Annual membership dues are currently $75.
  • All music is sung from memory.
  • Standard tuxes, black vest and wing tipped collar shirts are used as the main uniform. Informal uniforms are also used as situations dictate.
  • The group generally gathers once, sometimes twice per year for a project. Members must agree to miss no more than 2 consecutive projects. A new member is a probationary member until they have completed and participated in a project. Each state-side project generally lasts 6 – 8 days. The group participates in an overseas project (12 – 14 days) every 5 years. The last overseas project occurred July, 2008 in the British Isles and in 2016 will be in Cuba.
  • Members are responsible for all costs of projects and the average project cost within the United States is $1200.00 – $1500 plus the cost of travel to the project locating. An overseas project will cost in the range of approximately $3,500 – $4,500.


  • CenturyMen are required to memorize their music. The learning process is helped by scores and audio recordings distributed online. Rehearsals often occur just prior to a project tour or recording responsibility, making it impossible to “chase notes” at a rehearsal. Contact with other CenturyMen and communication through the group’s newsletter and email group help with knowing what music to prepare.
  • CenturyMen are expected to participate in all projects. The constitution and bylaws for the organization stipulate that members must not miss more than two consecutive projects. Certainly situations occur that may prohibit a member’s participation in an event, but persistent absenteeism results in a member being removed from “active” status.
  • CenturyMen are brothers in Christ. A spirit of servant hood permeates the group from its director, accompanists, officers, and extending to every member. Members recognize their involvement as a privilege and their talents as blessings form God. This attitude greatly enhances the fellowship and effectiveness of the ministry.